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Book Review: The Shape of Bones by Daniel Galera (translated by Alison Entrekin)

Bad Blood When Hermano was very young, say ten years old, he would ride his bicycle as fast as he could through the dangerous hilly streets of Esplanada, his Brazilian hometown. Once, after what had become a fairly typical occurrence: a painful and bloody wipe out on an unyielding macadam surface, Hermano wipes away the tears to spy an old abuela tottering his way. "That blood there, you know, that's bad blood," she explains after assessing his wounded knee. "You know there's good blood and bad blood don't you? Bad blood is that dark blood coming out there, it's dirty blood. It runs just under the surface... Good blood is different, it's lighter in color, almost pink, and it runs through the big veins... That bad blood there... (Y)ou've got to let it out, because then your body will make more of the good blood, the clean sort that runs through the inside, to replace the bad blood, understand?"
Grandma's advice to young Hermano, as contri…

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