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The Incredible Shrinking Man

Book Review: The One Inside by Sam Shepard Everyone of a certain age has experienced it: an almost imperceptive loss of stature, that skosh contraction of size at first only you will notice. It is measurable although you may be loathe to measure it; the distance from heel to crown has declined. You've shrunk; perhaps not only in height but by analogy in relevance. It's a subject the playwright Sam Shepard has addressed in his first attempt at long form prose (at 172 pages we'll call it a novel). The One Inside amplifies this anatomical loss through dreams and metaphor, forcing the main character to confront the agents of his self deprecation.

Shepard's unnamed protagonist, awakes at five a.m. to the "cackle" of coyotes, they've killed something yonder. We immediately sense some inner unrest, thoughts assault him. He's been an actor, a writer, we learn of a sudden break up of a thirty-year marriage. The numbness is wearing off. The time is rife for re…

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