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Book Review: The Largesse of the Sea Maiden by Denis Johnson

We, The Doppelgängers
Once a younger man fresh out of High School, working full time pulling data cable in New York City, I'd had a revelation. People were not as unique as I had once thought, rather they seemed to me now to run in subsets, were categorical, could be classified. There were a few individuals I had met in my teens that reminded me of characters I was then encountering in Macy's Herald Square, where I mostly was working at the time, and elsewhere. This phenomenon continued as I moved on to vocational school (electronics) then to subsequent jobs, and indeed still visits me today. Haven't you ever met someone who not only reminded you of someone else but further fell under the heading of, what I would term, Doppelgänger? A German word, very apt. From these personal experiences I concluded there may be sets of two or three or more people you've crossed paths with in your life, persons related to each other excluded, who have exhibited not just similar look…

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