Book Excerpt of the Week: The Thin Red Line by James Jones

James Jones: author of
 From Here to Eternity and The Thin Red Line

Next Friday is Veteran's Day, an underplayed holiday if their ever was one, a time to pay tribute to our valorous veterans who have sacrificed life and limb for America. But let's remember not just the dead (that's what Memorial Day is for) and wounded, but also those soldiers who have returned from war with PTSD, disease, or those who are having difficulty finding work and supporting their families in these trying times.

I've chosen one of the best war novels of the 20th century, The Thin Red Line by James Jones for this week's Book Excerpt:
Published in 1962, the WWII novel tells the story of "C for Charlie" company and their role in the invasion of the isle of Guadalcanal. Told from varying points of view, Jones delves deep into the psychological lives of these embattled souls, revealing War's truly abusive nature. With this book Jones helped to solidify his place in the pantheon among literary greats like Hemingway and Crane.