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Color Poem:

  Hello: I’m Red   Hello: I’m Red, my rusted thatch Like ruined Jersey fruit Carries the shame. My cheeks will crimson With love and anger. The thrumming of this heart, A poisoned sanguine tide Racing through chambers, rushing to place. The ardor of an orangey summer Melted midriffs hollow Like paraffin under the wick. The stuff of sticky innocence. Sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin, peach Fill the torrid crust of me Until the sun’s demure retreat Heralds Autumn’s crisp senescence.   Deposit green, a counterfeit Permission slips afore of caution, Fresh, fragrant, fruition. Nascent and naive I fumble. Envy picks up the ball And scores, in sick defeat The foamy rip tide sucks Flotsam flings the weed unanchored. Cast in a blue, deluged Hypoxic, hypnotic moon Shines, its violent beam Refusing to drown the doldrums. Appears: a jay, descanting Arise to bear my heft aloft. Firmament embrace and like a kite I poise ‘til reeled aground. Saved amid empurpled

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