Voting and Viewing

Bernie Sanders: Democratic presidential candidate

Donald Trump: Republican presidential candidate
Today is much ignored New Hampshire's time to shine nationally. First in the nation, at least as far as political primaries are concerned, voters will finally reveal who they fancy on both ends of the political spectrum. Will it be nationalist uber-bizness-man Donald (Combover) Trump? Could it be commie/socialist Bernie "No Comb for Old Men" Sanders? Will it matter in the long run? We will soon find out later this evening (to the great relief of many).

Meanwhile, I've been binge watching the Amazon Prime show, Mad Dogs. Apparently this is a remake of an English effort also created by Chris Coles and first shown on Sky 1. The plot revolves around Milo (Billy Zane), an American now living and ostensibly selling real estate in Belize. He mysteriously invites four old buddies Joel (Ben Chaplin), Cobi (Steve Zahn), Lex (Michael Imperioli), and Gus (Romany Malco), down to his palatial villa for a reason to be named later. Ben Chaplin is a holdover, he played the character of Alvo (called Milo in US), in the original production. After a short boat ride and a bizarre visit from a vertically challenged character wearing a cat head, the gang embark on a treacherous tumble down the Belizean rabbit hole. 

Cast of Mad Dogs: l to r: Ben Chaplin, Michael Imperioli, Romany Malco, Steve Zahn
Currently, I'm on episode seven and I'd have to admit this is a show which grows on you like a jungle fungus. It gets better with each chapter, as more mysteries, of not only plot but of character backstory, are revealed. Bright spots are: Allison Tolman (Fargo), who has a delightfully tentative turn as Rochelle, an enthusiastic US embassy underling; and Ben Chaplin (The Thin Red Line), who shines as the pensive and guarded, Joel.