Poem: The Stain of Existence


Place the void before me and I will cower
Fill it and I will pulse with awe
Neither pushes me down the path
The winding way, that greenish-yellow place
I once described in my innocence.

I'm mistaken, languishing
Anticipating some outside force,
Propellant, dependent on
Otherness to accomplish bliss
Folly filling my chance.

I wondered, then, if I would live
Laughing at the speed of one
Planetary body, cynical as Iago.
When I found time could hold me
Luck equals opportunity plus more: effort

Place before me a sheet of paper
I will cover it with echoes
Neither real nor imaginary
Ghosts that haunt my happy place
A stain excreted, evincing existence.

© 2016 by Michael Jones