Civic Ramblings: The Motivations of an Egoist

Billionaire Trump pointing to his most volatile asset
Anyone else get the feeling that Donald Trump subconsciously does not really want to be POTUS? He will avow that he is the best choice (at anything; he's the king of superlatives. He is the best, the biggest, he is a winner and everyone who disagrees with him is a loser, the worst, a complete disaster) but deep deep down, I don't think he really wants the job. This is "Bad" as Trump would say. Bad for Trump, bad for Republicans, bad for America and Americans.

If elected, would he abdicate his executive power, delegate to unsavory actors; or maybe he would strive to screw up so badly the congress would have no choice but to impeach him? At the very least he will likely incite a 'constitutional crisis', a phrase I've heard bandied about recently by varied pundits, because he will either ignore the Articles of the Constitution or simply interpret them to his benefit. And speaking of his benefit, what's to stop him from brokering deals in office which would advance his own business interests? This is my greatest fear.

I submit he is extremely dangerous for this very reason: self sabotage. He entered the race to prove to himself he could do well, but when he found himself on top, with a base of 40% (racists. misogynists, underemployed angry white middle class), the train just would not derail; no matter what he said or did. So he continues to spout outrageous beliefs, lies, insults, taunts, even thinly veiled threats in an unconscious effort to lose (and of course to pander to his base, whom he's terrified he will at some juncture disappoint). The result of Mr. Trump's little experiment may well be the extermination of the Republican party, or the birth of some other political organization consisting of a more moderate conservative establishment.