Poem: Homunculus



Ago I watched a woman coax
A fellow back from death.
Sand clung to the drowned
Man's shoulder, briny fluid
Dripped from clustered hair
Breath pushed lung to throat

In that moment inelastic life
Crashed back upon the dead
like a shadow tsunami
A curl of pale and bilious gas
Fumed from chimney nostrils
Solidified in black to wight

A crowd appeared though I alone
Observed that embryonic beast
Queasy, shivering afright,
I marked its flight beyond the foam
And with a sudden acumen
retrained my sights on death undone

Anon the surly imp invades
My repose, persists, cajoles
Courses as the Golden Horde
Across the spear grass steppes
Lodges of despondent darkness
Curtains drawn in masquerade

Where to the sopping man, renewed,
Removed I have no honest clue
Yet, with Lutheran conviction:
Beware the mirrored urchin clone
Loosed against our universe
Deceptive doppelganger who'd

Concuss humanity, earthbound
Sedate the benefactor faction
Throwing shade across the globe
Foment a foul and frothy chaos
Their like exists, implicit legion 
Homunculi, contrary of the crowned

© 2017 Michael Jones